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Radiator Coolant

About this item

Product Description:

The coolant in a typical automobile radiator usually consists of a mixture of an Antifreeze  and water. Radiator Coolant is also known as Anti-freeze coolant is used as a heat transfer. coolant is to absorb the excess heat from the engine parts, and carry it via passageways and tubes to the radiator where the excess heat is released to the atmosphere.This coolant is made with an innovative formulation thereby increasing engine life and helps to give optimum performance.

There are various type of coolant depends on the quality and in which engine coolant is to add. The types are as follow:

  2. AAM COOL-9977-GOLD


  1. Excellent heat exchanger
  2. Prevent chocking in radiator tubes

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: AAM COOL-9977
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Litre
  • Port of Dispatch: Kandla (Gujarat)
  • Production Capacity: 100 tons
  • Delivery Time: immediate
  • Packaging Details: 10 litre, 35 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre drums and 200 litre drums