Ice Cream Stabilizer (STB 999)

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Product Description:

A proprietary blend of stabilizer and emulsifiers that is plan for improving the quality of ice cream and frozen desserts.

At Aamotona, we take ice cream quality very seriously, The stabilizers are a group of compounds, that are responsible for adding viscosity to the mix and the unfrozen phase of the ice cream. The ice cream would become coarse and icy very quickly due to the migration of free water and the growth of existing ice crystals.  Aamotona offers products to meet these demands for today and tomorrow. And we know exactly how to get the results you need.

The functions of stabilizers in ice cream are:

  • In the mix: To stabilize the emulsion to prevent creaming of fat and, in the case of carrageenan, to prevent serum separation due to incompatibility of the other polysaccharides with milk proteins, also to aid in suspension of liquid flavours
  • In the ice cream at draw from the scraped surface freezer: To stabilize the air bubbles and to hold the flavourings, e.g., ripple sauces, in dispersion
  • In the ice cream during storage: To prevent lactose crystal growth and retard or reduce ice crystal growth during storage (see also the discussion on ice cream shelf life, which discusses the mode of action of stabilizers in affecting ice recrystallization), also to prevent shrinkage from collapse of the air bubbles and to prevent moisture migration into the package (in the case of paperboard) and sublimation from the surface
  • In the ice cream at the time of consumption: To provide some body and mouthfeel without being gummy, and to promote good flavour release
  • (Note: all of the above, except perhaps for their role in retarding ice crystallization, can be attributable to the viscosity increase in the unfrozen phase of the ice cream)

We can help you to optimize:

  • Enhancement of eating quality with excellent Flavour and creamier mouth feel.
  • Smoother, drier, elegant and creamier texture
  • Controls water mobilities and crystal growth.
  • Improved air hurdle and air incorporation during freezing, giving a high and stable overrun.
  • Melting Behavior : Shape hurdle capacity and appearance of ice cream.
  • Protection against the protein destabilization.
  • Prevents the formation of coarse ice crystals 

COMPOSITION  :  STB 999 ( E471, E407, E410 )


Ice Cream : 400 to 450gm /100kg mix

Frozen dessert : 450 to 500gm / 100kg mix

Additional Information:

  1. Item Code: STB 999
  2. Minimum Order Quantity: 25kg bag
  3. Port of Dispatch: Kandla (Gujarat)
  4. Production Capacity: 500 tons
  5. Delivery Time: immediate
  6. Packaging Details: 1kg, 25kg HDPE bags and 30kg drums