Softy Ice Cream Stabilizer STB 111

About this item


Product Description :-

Softy mix is a excellent stabilizer for Soft Serve or Softy, variant of Ice cream, normally made instantly by passing Softy pre-mix through machine. it is processed using supreme grade ingredients and balanced for brilliant outcome . Features of softy mix are provide pure product, free form artificial colour and safe to use. We also provide this stabilizer to the clients in various packaging options.

STB 888Dosage : The recommended dosage of STB 888 is 1 %

We can help you to optimize:

  • Creamy, full bodied mouthfeel
  • Smooth texture
  • Good stand up properties
  • Retains overrun
  • Suitable for cold preparation  

 Additional Information:

  1. Item Code: STB 111
  2. Minimum Order Quantity: 25kg bag
  3. Port of Dispatch: Kandla (Gujarat)
  4. Production Capacity: 500 tons
  5. Delivery Time: immediate
  6. Packaging Details: 1kg, 25kg HDPE bags and 30kg drums