Tube Drawing Chemicals

About this item


Product Description:

AAM TUBE-9999-TD (Tube Drawing Chemical) is a warm self-accelerated process, which produces an extremely fine crystalline heavy zinc phosphating coating on iron and steel to facilitate cold forming of the specially meant to smooth wire drawing and tube drawing. The coating obtained is adherent and has an excellent wear resistance and lubricant absorption.


  1. Light Green Liquid
  2. Good Reliability
  3. Good solubility
  4. Non toxic
  5. Impurities free


  1. Higher drawing speed
  2. Longer tool life
  3. Improved surface finish
  4. Protection against corrosion

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: AAM TUBE-9999-TD
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Litre
  • Port of Dispatch: Kandla (Gujarat)
  • Production Capacity: 100 tons
  • Delivery Time: immediate

Packaging Details: 10 litre, 35 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre drums and 200 litre drums